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Current Programme

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Past Webinars and Workshops

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About the Series

The Posthumanities Hub offers a long-established seminar series for undisciplined humanities and social science scholars, for creative philosophers, scientists and engineers, for salty practitioners and witty activists at the intersection of art, science and society.

If you are curious and committed to the Anthropocene challenges facing society today, to issues of justice and care, this is your scene. We welcome you to listen in or to join the intellectually generous conversations with invited speakers. We add networking, workshopping, career and learning opportunities to our menu continuously. If you long for new encounters, concepts to think with, this seminar series offers a plethora of opportunities for wonder and concern with regard to, for instance, art(s) and science(s), AI and sustainability, death and co-existence, techno-sociality and transcorporeality (environed embodiment), climate change, past and future crises, oceanic and animal well-being, ecological humanities, posthuman ethics, and feminist theorizing beyond gender.

The Posthumanities Hub seminars started out at interdisciplinary TEMA, Linköping University in 2008–2009. An early spawn of feminist postdisciplinary curiosity across the nature/culture divide, it grew across multi-university collaborations and art-science divides. The ecological perspectives we have cultivated since have concerned seas and coastlines, seed banking and biodiversity, our relationship to extinction and vulnerability, to earth and soil, forests and the very concept of sustainability, generative and creative artistic AI robots and the development of an intra-generational ethics for becoming better Anthropocene ancestors.

Between fall 2021 and spring 2023, each session of this webinar series has gathered between 50 and 150 worldwide participants from various universities and independent scholarly networks. This is why it is important to register in advance for each specific session.

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