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STREAMS online 5-7 August! The Posthumanities Hub will host a live session 6 August

Photo: Signe Johannessen

STREAMS, an international conference for the Environmental Humanities (EH), seeks to offer a space in which the experimental and dynamic field of EH can meet, discuss and set out future directions for thinking and acting amidst the ongoing ecological disaster.

The next upcoming event is Streaming STREAMS, 5–7 August 2020, where several presentations are streamed live.

Welcome to join the entire Streaming Streams, with conversations and trailers, and The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA, 6 August 14:00-15:00

The conference STREAMS will be held in Stockholm, 3–7 August 2021.


Call for contributions: New Materialist Informatics – 11th International New Materialisms Conference


Streaming STREAMS: now available online!

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    Check out our session “The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA ” – Trailer for the stream Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures on 6th Aug at 14:00 – 15:00! More on how to register and stream the session in the original post…

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