Thomas Laurien

Thomas Laurien is a Designer MFA, Curator, and Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The following projects, activities and commitments – in addition to teaching in the design program – fill my waking hours (and sometimes my dreams) to the brim:

”Whose Body of Water? Rights of Nature as Environmental Guardianship for Sweden” (2023-2027). Research project funded by Formas and more. Team: Martin Hultman (Pl), Åsa Nilsson Dahlström, Thomas Laurien, Marie Widengård, Mariam Kanyama Carlsson, and more. See

”Design after progress: reimagining design history and futures” (2023-2029). Research environment grant funded by the Swedish Research Council. Team: Åsa Ståhl (Pl), Kristina Lindström, Thomas Laurien, Maria Göransdotter, Li Jönsson, and more.

Chairman of the NGO Naturkulturföreningen skimmer och härvor (2022-ongoing). See

Co-founder and coordinator of the ”Design and Posthumanism” network (2018-ongoing). See

A More-than-Human Humanities Research Group