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Communicating Hope for the Climate

The Director of The Posthumanities Hub, Prof. Cecilia Åsberg, has just published a report for the scientific magazine, Curie. Titled “Kommunikation om klimatet måste ge framtidshopp,” Åsberg writes about the experiences of The Posthumanities Hub and its work in the Reclaiming Futures, Storying Change research project and festival. In this report, she writes how important it is to work with the youth and meet them in their own spheres of experience and influence. She addresses the need to recognise the values and concerns of younger generations as they mature and begin to take on socio-environmental challenges.

Reclaiming Futures – Storying Change Festival: a brief visual report

Reclaiming Futures: Storying Change is a FORMAS research project that explores new forms of scientific communication and telling stories about the environment through the joint work of high school students, artists, curators and researchers.  

Reclaiming Futures is a modus operandi, a way to take back the futures from the past settings still shaping the world to come. In particular, Reclaiming Futures is a way to empower young people’s position in the public debate on environmentalism and climate governance. The climate is an issue for more than technocrats, experts, politicians and academics – it is for everybody.

In Reclaiming Futures youngsters and researchers, teachers, film makers, artists, curators and science journalists participate with their special insights into climate- and research communication. During 2021 and 2022 the teenagers and researchers convened for workshops and conversations on today´s climate and environmental situation. The youngsters were trained in efficient cultural communication and taught how to formulate their own stories by images and film making, later to take form in a number of short films and stories of their own making.

Reclaiming Futures is a joint effort of partners: Konsthallen Färgfabriken, The Posthumanities Hub, Kajman Media and KW Produktion. It has been generously supported by FORMAS.

On 2nd April 2022 the project hosted its big event: Reclaiming Futures – Storying Change Science/Environmental Humanities/Anthropocene Festival, which took place at the art centre Färgfabriken (Stockholm), where teenagers and researchers engaged in conversations on climate change, environmental issues and our relationship to ecology. There, young people-turned-filmmakers and artists showed their work dealing with these key issues.

The festival programme was curated and produced by the teenagers themselves! Below we show off a couple of snapshots from this amazing event!

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