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Highlights from Poetics of Future Work now online

If you weren’t able to come but are interested in what happened on the 6th of December at the Poetics of Future Work event in Stockholm, below you find a link where you can see the introduction and panel discussion.
Don’t miss the retro-futuristic country-inspired Love Song! It kind of sticks (“You can’t digitize this”).

Film at Vimeo opens in new tab:

00:00 – Welcome by JP Iversen (CIO, Electrolux)
02:10 – Introduction by project leader Nina Bozic (senior researcher and innovation enabler at RISE)
9:50 – A retro-futuristic Love Song between a cowboy and an AI girl, written and performed by Dragana Zarevska (artist) and Andi Kravljaca (digital strategist, Nacka Municipality), inspired by the future work scenarios created in DIGI Futures project.
20:48 – Panel discussion on the future of work with Tove Chevalley (Digital Innovation Director, Electrolux), Janna Holmstedt (artist and researcher, the Posthumanities Hub at KTH), Sandor Albrecht (Vice President, AI@RISE & Wallenberg Launch Pad) and Per Johansson (speaker, writer and visionary consultant), hosted by Nina Bozic.

Poetics of Future Work

What is the future of work? Come and discuss, speculate and question!

When: 6 Dec, 2019, 16:00-19:00
Where: Electrolux, Sankt Göransgatan 143, Stockholm, Sweden (Subway: Stadshagen)
Register at:

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This event is part of Vinnova financed project DIGI Futures, lead by the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in collaboration with ABB, Electrolux, Karolinska, Nacka Kommun, GodEl, and NAV Sweden.

About the event
The hostess Soft Innovaitress invites you to immerse into a poetic landscape of the future of work through a multidisciplinary artistic approach you have not experienced before. You will meet the AI as well as the human heroes of our future scenarios made during the past year with teams from Electrolux, ABB, GodEl, Nacka Kommun, and Karolinska. Questions about the future of work will be discussed: What will be the new jobs of the future? How will humans and machines relate to each other in new ways? What kind of re-skilling do we need to go through to arrive to that future? And where can we find poetics and softness in this landscape of the future work? Join us and actively explore your own journey into the future you want to co-create.

16.00-17.00: Welcome drink & interactive art exhibition (download the Artivive app for an augmented reality experience)
: Future of work concert & conversation with guests
18.00-19.00: Create your own journey into the future with “Specularities”(speculative fiction cards for the future of work) & Mingle

Conversation guests
Sandor Albrecht, Vice President, AI@RISE & Wallenberg Launch Pad Sandor is a community builder and change driver at RISE where he is actively developing the ecosytem and national agenda for AI. He is engaged also with development of a new innovation platform at the Wallenberg foundation WALP which facilitates innovation arising from investments in strategic research areas of Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Software and Quantum Technology. His passion is entrepreneurship and corporate innovation and before coming to RISE he worked almost 20 years for Ericsson where he founded and headed the Ericsson Garage and was the Research Director.  

Janna Holmstedtartist and researcher, The Posthumanities Hub at KTH 
Janna’s researchinquiries into entangled issues such as multispecies relations, interspecies communication, and the intra-action of bodies, environs and technology. She focuses on how sound and listening, in a visually dominated culture, could mediate new relationships with the more-than-human and generate a sense of belonging as part of a dynamic ecology. Her work includes sound-based installations, participatory performances, mixed media walks, storytelling, mappings, writing, and collaborative projects. She is affiliated researcher and research engineer for the more-than-human humanities research network The Posthumanities Hub at KTH, Division for History of Science, Technology. 

Per Johansson, speaker, writer and visionary consultant
Per is doing various consulting work and talks related to human ecological issues, intellectual and existential conundrums, and concerning the impact of digital technologies on society and culture. He is the co-founder of the think tank Infontology – Imagination and Realisation. He has done several radio programs with prize-winning Swedish radio journalist Eric Schüldt, both for Swedish national radio and independently (Man and Machine, Tree of Knowledge, Myths & Mysteries). He is also an independent expert for the European Commission.

Tove Chevalley
Digital Innovation Director, Electrolux
Tove Chevalley is Digital Innovation Director at Electrolux and dedicates her time to making a global organization run as fast as a startup. She is focused on exploring new experiences and solutions that will continue to enrich people’s lives and the health of our planet and is obsessed with finding tools, methods and approaches to move a ship of 55 000 people towards a new way of developing experiences.

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