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Announcement for Karen Barad upcoming virtual talk (28 Sep) On Touching the Stranger Within

Professor Karen Barad gives a virtual talk and presention Wednesday, September 28, 2022, titled On Touching the Stranger Within—Material Wonderings/Wanderings. The talk is free to attend, and it is part of a touring art exhibition called DRIFT: art and dark matter, which is currently showing at the Justina M. Barnicke gallery at the University of Toronto.

Part of what makes this event so exciting is its cross-disciplinary nature, combining work in particle physics, philosophy, and art. Karen Barad is a professor of feminist studies, philosophy, and history of consciousness at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Their work is highly interdisciplinary — prior to this appointment, they held a faculty position in particle physics. DRIFT itself is a cross-disciplinary exhibit. From the gallery website: “four artists of national and international stature were invited to make new work while engaging with physicists, chemists, and engineers contributing to the search for dark matter at SNOLAB’s facility in Sudbury, two kilometers below the surface of the Earth.” 

More information about the event and a registration link are available on the gallery website: 

Best wishes, 


Sarah Dawson (she/they)

Event Coordinator & Interim Communications Officer

Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute

Join Tema Genus’s Higher Seminars!

Welcome dear friends of the Posthumanities Hub to the Tema Genus’ Higher Seminars, the forum for scholarly conversations on and within gender studies at Linköping University!

First out this brave new year of 2022, is Dr Desirée Enlund, Wednesday 9 January, hrs 13.15 -15:00 (CET) for an all-online zoom session on…

‘We will occupy until the next election!’ – Understanding public healthcare restructuring through the lens of collective action

If you have issues joining the zoom room  , please contact and Cecilia Åsberg, HS-coordinators.

For the upcoming Higher Seminars, we strive to organize them as hybrid events in order to make them accessible both face to face and online. However, due to the Covid-19 situation and global uncertainty it causes, we will provide more information on the possibilities for face-to-face participation close to each HS. We look forward to seeing You at these Higher Seminars, tomorrow, or in the near future!

Higher Seminar Tema Genus VT 2022:

•         Wednesday 9 January: Desirée Enlund, hrs 13.15-15:00

•         Wednesday 9 February: Toby Odland, hrs 13.15-15:00

•         Thursday 10 March: Báyò Akómoláfé, hrs 13.15-15:00  Higher Seminar co-organized with the Posthumanities Hub!

•         Wednesday 27 April: Ruben Hordijk hrs 13.15-15:00

•         Wednesday 25 May: Katja Aglert, hrs 13.15-15:00

•         Wednesday 15 June – TBC, hrs 10.15-12:00

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