Posthumanities International Networks


Welcome to Posthumanities International Networks!

  • The Posthumanities Network: The Next Genderation (funded by the Swedish Research Council – Vetenskapsrådet; established by Prof. Cecilia Åsberg, LiU) – a constellation of inter-, trans- and cross-disciplinary researchers engaged in exploring how notions of the “human” is entangled with hierarchical binaries such as Self and Other, Man and Woman, Culture and Nature. At the core of our diverse research is an appreciation of the Others of hu/Man, for instance enlivened nature and biology, science and embodiment; women, natives, queers and disabled; animals, machines, materialities and the environment. The Posthumanities Network is established across Europe and the Americas through several core group nodes (Linköping University, Sweden; Uppsala University, Sweden; Utrecht University, the Netherlands; Queen’s University, Canada; Wesleyan University, USA; Stavanger University, Norway).



  • The University of Würzburg’s Interfaculty Forum for Cultural Environmental and Animal Studies (IFCEAS).


  • Posthumanities International Network (PIN) – collaboration between Linköping University (Prof. Cecilia Åsberg), Utrecht University (Prof. Rosi Braidotti), Goldsmiths University of London (Prof. Matthew Fuller) and Warwick University (Dr. Olga Goriunova) .


  • GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies.




A More-than-Human Humanities Research Group