Eco-artist researcher, Professor in Visual Art Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of  Jaume I in Spain. My interests include creative and speculative biology, microorganism care in the depths of the Mediterranean oceans, “pseudoscience”, “alchemy”, “nosound art”, human and more than-human ecologies and Artistic Methodologies of Teaching in Art Education. Currently, I am Interested in exploring what extraordinary mysteries are hidden in the deep water of the Linkoping River.  A question still unresolved…

Member of the Visual Arts and Education Research Group (RAVE) and of the Innovation Group Art and Didactics teacher (ARDID)( University Jaume I, ES) Collaborate on the project Arte para aprender (Granada University + University Jaume I, ES). Collaborate on the project Creative intelligence between body expression and drawing (Alicante University, ES).

PhD in Fine Arts from the Complutense University (Madrid, Spain), bachelor’s degree in fine arts (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain). Her research focuses on the redefinition of sculptural space and the connections between it and “no-sound art”. Arts-Based Research, Visual A/r/tography, Eco-artist. This multidisciplinary is developed in an artistic-scientific activity and is complemented by artistic scholarships and stays both nationally and internationally, in countries such as Spain, China, Norway, Finland, New York and Netherlands. Highlighting “Casa de Velázquez” French School Abroad under the supervision of the Ministry of French Higher Education and Research, located in Madrid (ES). International Residence living in Van Gogh house (Zundert, Holland) among many others..

Currently: Contemporary textile art award (Alicante Spain 2022-2023),

Upcoming Books: Art education in the collection of institutional art. Book: Propositions for Museum Education: International Art Educators in Conversation (Editor: Dr. Anita Sinner, Concordia University Montreal,2024). Words and images as a tool to create a sound sculpture. Book Art education in English as a second language. Artistic Teaching Methodologies in Primary and Secondary Education (Tirant Lo Blanch,2024)