New Materialism Events and Network

The Posthumanities Hub has been co-shaping the emerging research within new materialisms. Our affiliated researchers collaborate with and form part of COST Action network Networking European Scholarship on ‘How Matter Comes to Matter‘ since its launch in 2013.
  • The 8th Annual New Materialism Conference took place on 7-9 June 2017 in Paris. The theme was “Environmental Humanities and New Materialisms: The Ethics of Decolonizing Nature and Culture.” For more information, please check out the conference website here.
  • New Materialisms 2016 Almanac has been launched. The Almanac comprises contributions from members of the different COST Action on New Materialisms working groups, and participants in related activities, including workshops and conferences, during 2016. The emphasis of the project lies in exploring and disseminating current terminology used by new materialist scholars, from key terms though to more esoteric neologisms, and experimenting with forms of online publishing.
  • 7th Annual Conference on New Materialisms “Performing Situated Knowledges: Space, Time, Vulnerability” took place in Warsaw, Poland, 21-23 September 2016. Our hubbers were involved both in organisation of this amazing event, with Cecilia Åsberg serving at the conference Scientific Committee and Olga Cielemecka as part of the organising committee, and presented their fantastic papers!
  • In the autumn of 2015, the sister-6th Conference on New Materialisms “New Materialist Politics and Economies of Knowledge” took place in Maribor, Slovenia, while our collegues in Australia where holding the 6th International New Materialisms “Transversal Practices: Matter, Ecology and Relationality” conference at the The Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.
  • Movement, aesthetics, ontology (Turku). IV Annual Conference on the New Materialisms

16-17 May 2013, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies, University of Turku, Finland

New materialist approaches are increasingly announced, articulated, exercised and contested across a gamut of often entwining research fields from art theory, media studies and feminist philosophy to sociology, gender and sexuality research, and science and environmental studies. In addition to the cross-evolving discussions in these areas, there is growing need to consider the connections but also the specificity of new materialisms in relation to many contemporaneous intellectual developments, such as new forms of realism or post-human(ist) thought. (From conference announcement)

  • Entanglements of New Materialism. III Annual Conference on the New Materialisms at The Posthumanities Hub

25-26 May 2012, Linköping

In May 2012 it was our turn to set off what then had become the 3rd annual NM-event – at The Posthumanities Hub, Linköping University. To underline our point of exit in both older and newer materialisms, we called the conference “Entanglements of New Materialisms” (See program below)

Here are a two small action-photos from the first day (25 May) – with Cecilia and Magda, and keynote speakers Prof Stacy Alaimo and Pip Carmel.

  • New Materialism: Natureculture (Utrecht). II Annual Conference on the New Materialisms

In April 2011 we went to Utrecht, The Netherlands for the conference “New Materialism: Natureculture” with Prof. Donna Haraway as guest of honour. Cecilia was respondent to Donna, and the whole of The Posthumanities Hub contributed its bit to the neat organisation of Iris van der Tuin and Rick Dolphijn. This is a snap shot from the green lawn outside the conference venue, an old church.

New materialism conference Utrecht 2011

In the picture (from left to right): Adrian MacKenzie, Jussi Parikka, a then red-headed Cecilia Åsberg, Iris van der Tuin – behind – Vicki Kirby, next to Rosemarie Buikema, Melanie Sehgal, Rick Dolphijn and guest of honour, Donna Haraway! (Photo by Rosi Braidotti)

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