The Posthumanities Hub is more than just a research group. It is a lively research environment across various borders, a MULTI-UNIVERSITY platform, and a network of networks for postdisciplinary and more-than-human humanities, for philosophy, arts and sciences, informed by advanced cultural critique and creativity. It is also a space for discussions, transversal dialogues, synergies and conversations in society at large.

In order to go beyond the format of seminars, workshops, classes and traditional publications, in 2021 we have decided to create another venue for these fascinating, inspiring and – at times – challenging ideas, namely, The More-than-human Conversations BLOG SERIES, which will surely serve as an appetiser for anyone interested in what more-than-human humanities and feminist posthumanities research might mean.

Check out the links below in order to learn more about exciting ideas and research projects our conversation partners, affiliated researchers and guests wrote for us about!

>> Evelien Geerts (University of Birmingham) on ‘The more-than-human materializations of violence, remembrance, and times of crisis’