Marietta Radomska (LiU)

Dr. Marietta Radomska is a philosopher and transdisciplinary Gender Studies scholar. She is Research Fellow (biträdande universitetslektor) in Environmental Humanities at the Department of Thematic Studies – unit: Gender Studies, Linköping University, and an Affiliated Researcher at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. From July 2018 until June 2020 Radomska was also a Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Cultures (Art History), University of Helsinki, Finland.

Photo: Marietta Radomska

She holds a PhD in Gender Studies (Linköping University, SE), Research MA in Gender and Ethnicity (Utrecht University, NL) and MA in Philosophy specialised in Social Communication (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, PL).
Her research interests include: feminist theory, continental philosophy, environmental humanities, posthumanities, queer death studies, bioart, eco-art, visual culture, critical animal studies, and others.
She is the leader of the Eco- and Bioart Research Group, co-director of The Posthumanities Hub, founder of The Eco- and Bioart Research Network,  co-founder of Queer Death Studies Network and The International Network for Ecocritical and Decolonial Research, as well as co-coordinator of GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies research strand “Death Studies: Queerfeminist Materialist Perspectives” (together with Nina Lykke and Tara Mehrabi).

The Eco- and Bioart Research Group, headed by Radomska, opens up a transdisciplinary space, where artistic practice and artistic research meet up with philosophy, cultural theory, environmental humanities and posthumanities in synergy and as equally legitimate voices and practices in order to tackle pressing questions concerned with life/death, nature/culture, art/science, ecology, environment and the body in a more-than-human sense.

In years 2017-2020 Radomska worked on the research project “Ecologies of Death: Environment, Body and Ethics in Contemporary Art”, funded by The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) International Postdoc Grant.

Research Networks, Projects and Collaborations:

– Co-director of The Posthumanities Hub, LiU

– Founder of The Eco- and Bioart Research Network

– Co-founder of the Queer Death Studies Network

– Co-founder of the The International Network for Ecocritical and Decolonial Research

– Co-chair of the GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies’ research strand “Death Studies – Queerfeminist Materialist Perspectives” (with Nina Lykke and Tara Mehrabi).

– Member of the Finnish Bioart Society.

– Associate member of Posthumanism Research Institute, Brock University, Canada.

– Member of COST Action IS1307 New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on How Matter Comes to Matter (Working Group 4: New Materialisms at the Crossroads of the Natural and Human Sciences).

Publications over the past five years (2016-2021):

 Scientific articles and chapters:
Research review articles:
Edited volumes:
Peer-reviewed conference contributions:
  • “The Posthumanities Hub, submerged at ART LAB GNESTA – Trailer for the stream Feminist Posthumanities – More-than-human Arts and Multispecies Futures” by C. Åsberg, C. Fredengren, J. Holmstedt, S. Johannessen and M. Radomska at STREAMS Transformative Environmental Humanities Conference, 5-7 Aug 2020, Stockholm, SE.
  • “Archives of Lichenology or 100 Vignettes: Storying the Non/Living in a More-than-human World”. Paper forming part of the workshop “Becoming with Alien Encounters” (by Nina Lykke, Katja Aglert, Line Henriksen and Marietta Radomska) and presented at Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices Conference, 23-25 January 2019, Växjö, SE.
  • “Deterritorialising Death: On Feminist Biophilosophy as a Queer(ing) Methodology”. Paper presented at Trans in Transit: Gender Studies Conference, 22-24 November 2018, Turku, FI.
  • “Queering Un/Common Ecologies of Death”. Paper presented at (Un)Common Worlds: Human-Animal Studies Conference, 7-9 August 2018, Turku, FI.
  • “Queering Boundaries: On Biophilosophy, the Non/living and Death”. Paper presented at the SLSAeu GREEN conference, 13-16 June 2018, Copenhagen. Paper formed part of the two-session panel “Queering Ecologies of Death”, proposed by Marietta Radomska and Patricia MacCormack.
  • “Thinking with Bioart: Towards a Biophilosophy of the Non/Living”. Paper presented at the 7th biannual ACSIS (The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden) conference: Mobilising Cultural Studies, 19-21 June 2017, Norrköping.
  • “Queer Death: Challenging Conventional Ontologies, Norms, and Images of Death, Dying and Mourning” panel debate by A. Jonsson, V. Alasuutari, N. Lykke, W. Grahn, L. Henriksen, T. Mehrabi, M. Radomska, E. Söderberg, presented at G16: Swedish Conference for Gender Research “Boundaries, Mobility, Mobilisation”, 23-25 November 2016, Linköping
  • “The Promises of Non/Living Monsters and Uncontainable Life”Paper presented at Promises of Monsters: International Conference, University of Stavanger (Norway), 28-29 April 2016.
Popular science publications including presentations and cloud papers:
  • Radomska, M., Haapoja, M. Pevere, M. Schmidt and M.C. Rojo Gomez. 2020. Final presentation of Non/Living Queerings within Braiding Friction series by Biofriction research project co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 17th June 2020. Online: On YouTube: .
  • Radomska, M. 2020. Critical commentary/endorsement of the book “The Ahuman Manifesto” by Patricia MacCormack, at its official launch at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, 27 Jan 2020, Stockholm, SE. Website:
  • Radomska, M. 2019. Critical commentary/endorsement of the book “Reconfiguring Human, Nonhuman and Posthuman in Literature and Culture” at its official launch – part of the 24th YHYS colloquium “Wisdom in Crisis” (21-22 Nov 2019), University of Jyväskylä, FI. Website:
  • Åsberg, C. and M. Radomska. 2019. “Why we need feminist posthumanities for a more-than-human world” [guest blog entry]. Transformative Humanities Blog at Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm.
  • Radomska, M. 2018. Commentary on the presentation by artist Pilvi Takala “Negotiating Expectations: Making compromises without compromising your work in the context of projects in non-art environments” at the symposium Getting By: Negotiating Future Livelihoods in the Arts. 13 November 2018, Kiasma, Helsinki, FI.
  • Radomska, M. and C. Åsberg. 2018. Doing Away with Life. Talk at the official opening of SOLU Space by the Bioart Society, 9 November 2018, Helsinki, FI.
  • Radomska, M., 2018. On Bioart, Biophilosophy and Re-Imagining Futures. In This Mess We’re In curated by Tarsh Bates. Exhibition catalogue. Perth: UWA.
  • “We too talk about #metoo” panel debate on the #metoo movement in the Swedish academia and society; panellists: L. Salmonsson (ÖrU), E. Alm (GU), U. Mellström (KaU), L. LaFauci (LiU), Radomska (LiU), T. Mehrabi (LiU), moderated by C. Åsberg (LiU); 28 February 2018, Linköping University.
  • Radomska, M. “Between the Posthumanities and Bioart: Imagining the Futures in a More-than-human World” – invited speaker and panellist at the annual KVIT Conference: Extend our limits (organised by Cognitive Science students at LiU), 27-28 April 2017.
  • Ekstrand Amaya, T., 2017. “Nya konstgrepp i en tidsålder märkt av människans framfart” [“New Artifacts in the Times of Human Rampage”] – interview with M. Radomska. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 1 May 2017]
  • “We Have Never Been Human” – a talk by T. Bates (University of Western Australia), with response from O. Cielemęcka (LiU), L. LaFauci (LiU) and M. Radomska(LiU), moderated by C. Åsberg (LiU). Gothenburg International Science Festival (Göteborgs Vetenskapsfestivalen). April 2016.
  • Haagensen, L. Hauksen, I. Hellstrand, T. Mehrabi, B. Papenburg, M. Radomskaand S. Schmitz, “The Processes of Imaging/The Imaging of Processes” – cloud paper for the Working Groups 4: “New Materialisms at the Crossroads of the Human and Natural Sciences” of COST Action IS1307. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 1 May 2017].
Conference papers (invited as a speaker/papers are not peer-reviewed):
  • “Storying Terminal Ecologies: On Death, Queerfeminist Biophilosophy and Art”, keynote lecture presented at “Dying at the Margins: A Critical Exploration of Material-Discursive Perspectives on Death and Dying”, 26-27 September 2019, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SE.
  • “Archives of Lichenology or 100 Vignettes”, presented at the workshop “Becoming with Alien Encounters and Speculative Storytelling”, 4 June 2019, KTH, Stockholm, SE.
  • “Deterritorialising Death: Queerfeminist Biophilosophy and Ecologies of the Non/Living in Contemporary Art”, paper presented at the Seminar “Queer Death Studies: Searching Points of Exit from Hegemonic Narratives”, 28 May 2019, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
  • “Queering Ecologies of Death”, presented at Open Humanities Lab Symposium “New Humanities & the Anthropocene”, 14-15 May 2019, KTH, Stockholm, SE.
  • “Storying Terminal Ecologies for the Non/Living Earth”, presented at “Weird Ecologies and Storytelling Practices Seminar”, 4-5 April, Tampere University, Finland.
  • “Promising Futures? On Bioart, the Non/Living and Ethics”, keynote lecture delivered at the NOBA Norwegian Bioart Arena Symposium “Thinking through matter – Exploring BioArt and design in a Norwegian contemporary context”, 2 April 2019, Ås, Norway.
  • “Deterritorialising Death: Queer(ing) Methodology and Contemporary Art”, presented 22 January 2019, at The Posthumanities Hub Seminar Series, KTH, Stockholm, SE
  • “On Bioart, the Non/Living and Promises of Monstrous Futures”, presented on 23 October 2018, at the Christina Research Sem­inar – SKY Ad­vanced Research Sem­inar Series, University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • “Non/Living Archives: Deterritorialising Death”, presented at The Second International Symposium Eco/Decolonial Arts: Re-imagining Futures, 28 August 2018, Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, SE.
  • “Non/living Archives of Lichenology: Between Stories of Living and Dying in a More-than-human World”, presented at the Mini-symposium Becoming with Alien Encounters and Speculative Storytelling, 5 April 2018, Linköping University.
  • Posthuman(ities) Workshop, co-organised with Cecilia Åsberg and Vera Weetzel, conducted during Merry CRISPR workshop – artistic investigations into CRISPR/Cas9, 11-15 December 2017, organised by The Finnish Bioart Society at Biofilia, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
  • “Queering Boundaries: On Death, the Non/Human and the Environment”, presented at The Second International Queer Death Studies Workshop: Coming to Terms with Death, Dying and Mourning Differently?, 27-28 November 2017, Karlstad University, Sweden.
  •  “Living and Dying in the Anthropocene: Thinking with Lichens”, presented at the “Eco/Decolonial Arts: Open-ended Poetic/Philosophical Forays” workshop, 28-29 June 2017, LiU.
  • “Vitalism without Life” (a response paper to J. Wamberg’s presentation “Deconstructing Vitalism: Approaching Bioart Through a dark Ecology Paradigm”), presented at the Posthumanities International Network Symposium Bioart and Postnatural Ecologies: Posthumanities for the Anthropocene, 28 April 2017, LiU.
  • “Ecologies of Death: On the Non/Living and Bioart”, presented at the Queer Death Studies Workshop, 28-29 March 2017, LiU.
  • “Ecologies of Death and Contemporary Art”, presented at the Mini-Symposium “Onto-epistemologies of Death”, 26 September 2016, Linköping.
  • “Non/living Assemblages: Uncontainable Life, Waste and Biomedical Imaginaries”, presented at Medical Imaginaries: Gender and Postcoloniality in the Medical Humanities, 1-2 June 2016, Bergen.

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