Justin Makii has a BA in philosophy with a focus on applied ethics from Miami University and an MSc in sustainable development from Uppsala University. Justin is a doctoral candidate at Linköping University’s Gender Studies unit at the Department of Thematic Studies. Their research – motivated by Donna Haraway’s “it matters what thoughts think thoughts, It matters what worlds world worlds” – explores the agential world(ing) of prions – those pathogenic proteins with a multi-species body count.


Justin Makii

Aspects of Justin’s work explore such prionic stories as The Haunted Archive: a tale of time-less or a-temporal ethico-onto-epistemologies, Cannibalism: a worlding guide, and Pathogenic Parlance: prion playwriting for the next -ocene. Their interests focus on agential realism, feminist posthumanisms, decolonialisms, and environmental humanities.

Research Networks:

The Seed Box

Environmental Humanities Collaboratory

Breathing Matters

The Eco- and Bioart Research Network

Queer Death Studies Network

GEXcel International Collegium for Advanced Transdisciplinary Gender Studies