Jenni Puroila

Jenni Puroila is a PhD candidate at the Department of Management and Organization and Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets at the Stockholm School of Economics. She has a background in studying ethics and accountability questions related to organizations and sustainable development. Jenni is inspired by the theories and concepts of environmental humanities and feminist posthuman phenomenology. Her current research interests include more-than-human organization, socio-ecological relations, multispecies care, and ontological questions related to the natural world and forests. Jenni’s doctoral thesis explores the organization of more-than-human care relations, drawing from ethnographic work among practices that aim to provide therapeutic and healing nature experiences.

Recent works

Puroila, J. 2021. Multispecies care relationships and the ethics of vulnerability. 37th EGOS Colloquium, Sub-theme 56: Organizing for a Living Earth: Beyond Human-centered Analyses of Organization and Management, 8-10 July 2021, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Puroila, J. 2020. Stories of healer trees and other figurations. 36th EGOS Colloquium, Sub-theme 52: Storytelling a Sustainable Future, 2-4 July 2020, Hamburg, Germany.

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