A soil art and sustainable soils research project (FORMAS), practicing dirty posthumanities. 

Project team:

Dr Janna Holmstedt, PI, artist and artistic research (SHM), (P)Art of the Biomass

Malin Lobell, artist and garden activist, (P)Art of the Biomass

Karin Wegsjö, artist and documentary film-maker

Dr Jenny Lindblad, urban and regional studies (KTH)

Prof Christina Fredengren, heritag and environmental (post-)humanities (SU, UU)

Prof Cecilia Åsberg, feminist environmental (post-)humanities (LiU)

Project website: https://humuseconomicus.se/about/

Exhibition page on website with embedded ISSUU book: https://ecoartspace.org/New-Geologic-Epoch-2023

Direct link to book on ISSUU: https://issuu.com/ecoartspace/docs/thenewgeologicepoch

Pre-Order book in our online store: https://ecoartspace.org/Sys/Store/Products/346261