Ewelina Jarosz

Ewelina Jarosz (she/they) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Cultural Research at UKEN, Poland. Her current research explores the intersections of environmental art, queerfeminist blue posthumanities, queer ecologies, and activism of pleasure. They are also transdisciplinary collaborative artist working in cyber_nymphs art research duo with Justyna Górowska and they launched the hydrosexual movement in arts. They serve as a research fellows for the E.A.R.T.H. Lab at the University of Santa Cruz, California, and for The Posthumanities Hub, Linköping University. Ewelina is a co-founder of The Blue Humanities Archive, providing a network for watery artists and researchers in digital art and eco-technologies. Ewelina holds a Ph.D. in the humanities from Adam Mickiewicz University.

Their longstanding collaboration with ecosexual artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens resulted in the performance Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp (2021) and the art documentary Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shimp. A Hydrosexual Love Story (2023). Her recent publications include a book chapter titled “Ecosexuality: art practices for queering the Earth, healing and recovering”, published in Routledge Handbook of Sexuality, Human Rights and Health, edited by C. Loggie, P. Aggleton, and R. Parker (Taylor & Frances 2024).

Keywords: Feminist queer blue posthumanities, queer ecologies, more-than-human sexualities

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