Caroline Elgh Klingborg

Caroline Elgh Klingborg’s curatorial work explores interdisciplinary processes and collaborations across different fields of research, with main emphasis on artists working with speculative and environmental themes. In exhibitions, seminars, performances and publications she has brought forward the meeting between visual arts and subjects such as ecology, science fiction, new materialisms, the concept of truth, literature, and theatre. As a curator at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm she has been working with artists from all over the world; the most recent exhibitions including Cosmological Arrows. Journeys Through Inner and Outer Space, Dora Garcia’s solo exhibition I Always Tell the Truth and Cooking Sections’ film installation Kivalina, The Coming Storm. Caroline Elgh Klingborg is also a guest lecturer at Stockholm University’s Curating Program.​ Presently, she is a PhD-candidate at Linköping University (Gender Studies, The Posthumanities Hub).