Åsa Johansson Palmkvist

Åsa Johansson Palmkvist is a PhD student in Gender, Organisation and Technology in the Department of Industrial Economics and Management, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. September 2019 – July 2020, she was also a visiting PhD student at The Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

In her PhD thesis, Åsa explores practices of organising and doing Artificial Intelligence (AI). The study is motivated by concerns raised by the escalation of initiatives and reporting on AI. Situated in the intersection of feminist theory, STS and organisation studies, her project aims at exploring how AI research links to the inclusion and exclusion of different people and enables and restricts specific ways of existing in this world.

Åsa’s interest in the transdisciplinary work of the Posthumanities Hub is shaped by her experience from multiple fields, such as engineering, intersectional gender studies and creative writing. She holds a MA in Intersectional Gender Studies (Linköping University) and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Linköping University). Before her PhD studies she also worked for several years in the medical technology industry and studied creative writing (Skurups folkhögskola). Motivated by collaborations and projects that strive to accomplish more inclusive, creative and boundary-transgressing ways of approaching pressing contemporary issues, Åsa is intrigued to be part of the Posthumanities Hub.