As a collaboratory, the Posthumanities Hub connects researchers and artists with a host of backgrounds and levels of engagement. Hub affiliates include the core research team and affiliated researchers, alumni, and visiting researchers. In addition, the Hub is supported by a scientific advisory board.

Individuals interested in joining the Posthumanities Hub research team can send a letter of inquiry expressing their interest. PhD candidates can ask to be affiliated with us, alongside their initial employment or position, if approved by their supervisor.

The Posthumanities Hub offers an open peer-to-peer community and transdisciplinary conversations between junior and senior scholars. As members of the team, researchers collaborate on various projects, take part in monthly meetings, and attend our webinar series. Visiting scholars are welcomed on a yearly basis, and Prof. Cecilia Åsberg, director of the Posthumanities Hub, mentors and assists in supervising postdocs and PhD students.

A More-than-Human Humanities Research Group