‘One by walking’ gives a public digital walking seminar

Our friends at One by Walking—an international research network coordinated by Camilla Brudin Borg (University of Gothenburg), John Martin (University of Plymouth), Roger Norum (University of Oulu), Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch (Åbo Akademi), and Hanna Åberg (University of Bologna)—are hosting a free digital walking seminar:

“Envisioning Proximity Tourism with New Materialism”
16 Mars 1-2 pm. CET (zoom: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/9175897520)

How to stay proximate with other earthly creatures?

During the talk, we share our thoughts from a joint journey that has focused on exploring possibilities of proximity tourism, proximate methodologies, and conceptualisations that enable us to stay proximate with other earthly creatures. Our journey has been driven by curiosity on how staying proximate may provide theoretical and epistemological openings to attend to the current planetary tensions and to diversify the ways we enact research – and tourism. By drawing on feminist new materialism, we weave together stories and narratives that can enhance care within multispecies communities.

Outi Rantala, Professor, Responsible Arctic Tourism, University of Lapland and Adjunct professor, Environmental Humanities, University of Turku. Her ongoing research project Envisioning proximity tourism with new materialism (www.ilarctic.com) involves collaboration of tourism researchers, anthropologists, sociologists, economists, and ecologists. Together the group has been developing more-than-human methodologies. 

Emily Höckert, Postdoctoral researcher at the Intra-living in the Anthropocene-project, University of Lapland, Finland. Her current research is driven by a curiosity of how tourism can simultaneously mitigate the environmental crisis and adapt to the unpredictable changes ahead. 

The seminar is free and open for everyone to join.

Please, spread the information!

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