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In 2010, Thomas Friedman announced that “Global Weirding is Here” in a widely-cited op-ed in the New York Times. With a nod to environmentalist Hunter Lovins as the coining the term, Friedman’s piece and “global weirding” as a concept have since gained traction across popular media as well as in the academic world, particularly within the environmental humanities. In other words, as an ecocritical category or frame, the weird is neither new nor is it restricted to an historical moment, though it has perhaps acquired a particular cultural currency in the context of an increasing awareness of a climate-changing world.  “The weird” as a broader cultural mode or aesthetic has also maintained attention in cultural studies, literary criticism, philosophy and contemporary art, and has emerged as a possible way to structure our way of related to this unprecedented ecological moment. This presentation will build on the concept of global weirding by introducing queer and feminist studies of affect, aesthetics, and archive in order to enliven the juncture of weird and more established notions of queer ecology.