Bridging human-animal studies, environmental humanities, creative and biological arts, critical biochemistry, queer and crip theory, cultural studies of science, medicine, and technology, the Posthumanities Hub fosters transgressive feminist collaborations that explore the performativity and vulnerability of variously situated ‘naturecultures’ (Donna Haraway), and the entanglement of materiality and meaning in the contemporary timespace of the ‘posthumanities’ (Cary Wolfe).

Ranging from engagements with Alzheimer’s Disease and human-animal lab relations, or new media and digital cultures, humanoid care robots and feminist digital activism, through to dealing with the anthroposcene, climate change, environmental writing, and teacher education, or trans/queer visual cultures and art/science feedback loops, the critical, creative, and pedagogical endeavours of our researchers engage with questions of what gets to count as human, inhuman, or nonhuman in the relations we live and die by.

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