Checking in with Deep Time Clocks: Re-Configuring Intergenerational Justice and Hope (FORMAS) – Christina Fredengren and Cecilia Åsberg

Sugar kelp farmed at sea

At the Edge of the Sea: Fathoming low trophic practices of eating, creating and thinking in society with oceanic, more-than-human environmental humanities

Pi Cecilia Åsberg with team

AI and the Artistic Imaginary: Creative-Ai Technology in Sustainable, Ethical and Legitimate Practice (WASP-HS)

Pi: André Holzapfel (KTH), co-pi Cecilia Åsberg and co-pi Bob Sturm, with teams

Reclaiming Futures: Storying Change (FORMAS) with youth, Färgfabriken, Bromma Gymnasium, Historiska muséerna, Squid Squad /Gnesta Art Lab, LYSSNA! projektet, Kajman Media and Karin Wegsjö Film.

Citizen humanities – as the arts of producing value (not data)! A new map for citizen humanities between citizen science and participatory arts.

Dick Kasperowski and Cecilia Åsberg with teams at LiU, GU and SLU

Ecologies of Death: Environment, Body and Ethics in Contemporary Art

VR – Swedish Research Council
Pi Marietta Radomska

On Common Ground: Synthesizing Equitable Environmental Humanities for Climate Change Action (FORMAS)
Lauren LaFauci and Cecilia Åsberg, Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society

Open Humanities Lab: A Symposium on the New Humanities & the Anthropocene

The Posthumanities Hub at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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