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Author: Tetiana Priadkina

Linköping Pride

Linköping Pride starts this week!

Here is a link with a schedule of all the activities taking place this the week in East Sweden town of Linköping:

At Linköping University (LiU), the Forum for Gender Studies and Equality are co-organizers of two lectures at Pride house/Main Library:

May 31, at 17.00-18.00 Pride House / Main Library

Minority joy: Of course, there are advantages to being LGBTQI

The lecture is part of Linköping Pride 2023 in collaboration with the Forum for Gender Studies and Equality. In the lecture, Anna Malmquist, associate professor and university lecturer at the department of psychology at Linköping University, talks about minority joy and minority peace based on an interview study with trans people. You who participate will also get to reflect on what joy or positive aspects you experience from any minority that you may identify with. Welcome!

June 1 at 18.00-19.00 Pride House / Main Library

Friction in working with trans inclusion

Toby Odland (he/they) is a PhD student at Tema Genus at Linköping University and is writing his thesis on the friction that shapes institutional change and inclusion work. He approaches experiences from practical work for institutional change with inclusion ambitions based on the case of trans inclusion in gender equality work. In their lecture, Toby will present their research project in general and give some insights into ongoing analysis work. The lecture is part of Linköping Pride 2023.

This year, LiU has a section in the Pride parade, which takes place on Saturday, June 3:

Gathering in the Garden Association at 12.00. The train departs at 13.00.

Employees, students, alumni or others who want are welcome to join!! Hope to see you somewhere during Pride!!

Contact: Charlotte Fridolfsson at Linköping University, Sweden

Webinar: Deep in The Eye and The Belly

Dear ocean lovers, here is a tip on an online event (in English) with the Göteborg museum of natural history – register for 8 June 18.00 hrs CEST. I believe the film sounds so promising, so perhaps you dont want to miss out on this?

About Deep in The Eye and The Belly
…In the present day, a story is unearthed of a whale body that became a world of dinner parties, clandestine sex and mayoral speeches. In a possible future, a group of those-who-were-left-behind (or, those-who-chose-to-stay) have made a home inside the body of a whale. They find themselves contemplating this new world and speculating on the state of things outside – a world ravaged by a climate crisis which they survived by turning to the ocean. At a crossing between the present day and this potential future, a lone figure sings a lament for the body of the world’s last whale… Join us, on World Ocean Day, for a talk with artist Sam Williams and marine biologist Kennet Lundin, where we explore the deep seas through art and biology.

About the participants
Sam Williams is an artist with a multidisciplinary practice, working across moving-image, collage, choreography and text. Sam is based in London where he is a resident at Somerset House Studios. He has exhibited and screened work at institutions including Arnolfini, Baltic39, Siobhan Davies Dance, Somerset House, Tate Britain, Studio Voltaire and South Kiosk (UK), She Will (Norway); Kino Arsenal, Akademie der Kunst, Tanzhalle Wisenberg and B3 Biennale (Germany).

His ongoing research focuses on multispecies entanglements, ecological systems, bodies-as-worlds and folk mythologies and how they can inspire ideas for present and future ways of non-human-centric living.

Kennet Lundin is a marine biologist, author and researcher. He is based at the Gothenburg Natural History Museum in Sweden where he manages the marine collection, is involved in working with the museum’s exhibition and outreach. He has authored many scientific articles, several popular scientific books on marine animals, and recently also a book on how to cook and eat them.

Practical info
Register your participation by sending an email to One week before the event you will be sent a link and a password to the film. Watch it when you want to, and then join us for the talk. There will be time for questions and discussions.


Call for particapation

Our friends in the Design + Posthumanism Network has asked us to share this, so of course we do.

Haunted Waters: We are collecting stories, histories and material evidence from all over the world about bodies of water that are “haunted” by chemical contamination. We are now in search of people who have relationships and stories about contaminated water. We are collecting stories and also bottles with water from the contaminated sites. The bottles and the stories will be part of an archive both online and in an exhibition starting in December in Brussels.

Would you like to help us and/or have any ideas of people to invite?


“We are collecting stories, histories and material evidence from all over the world about bodies of water that are “haunted” by chemical contamination. Contaminants are substances that due to different factors have ended up in our waters. Just like ghosts, they are invisible to the naked eye, relate to local historic events and are trapped in places where they aren’t meant to be. To learn how to live with these ghosts, first, we need to get to know them and their stories.

We are attempting to make the invisible contaminants visible, and we need your help. You are invited to join forces and become a ghost hunter! Your contribution will help us visualise the invisible ghostly contaminants that will be used in an art exhibition in Brussels in 2024.

Here is a link to a website to take part in the project:

We are Nonhuman Nonsense, a research-driven art and design studio, based in Berlin,

Haunted Waters is a project by Nonhuman Nonsense & Caterina Cacciatori (EU JRC water quality lab), part of the art & science project NaturArchy at JRC Ispra, European Commission:

Get in touch!


Linnea & Filips 

Nonhuman Nonsense

Round-table workshop On “Creative with concepts”, 11th May

The Posthumanities Hub round-table workshop On “Creative with concepts”

Speakers: Prof. Nanna Verhoeff (Utrecht University), Prof. Iris van der Tuin (Utrecht University), Dr Janna Holmstedt (Sweden’s Historical Museums), Prof. Christina Fredengren (Uppsala University), Prof. Paola Ruiz Moltó (Universitat Jaume) & Prof. Cecilia Åsberg (LiU) with friends.

11th May, 10:15-12:00 CEST, Linköping University, Temahuset, Temcas.

Engaging with what concepts can do, we explore in this experimental round-table workshop what happens in the arts and creative humanities when “theory words” (concepts) work across different research practices. We move through a set of concepts, like, “assembling”, “cartography”, “curation”, “dirt”, “following”, “micrology”, “unlearning” and “wonder” (all from Iris van der Tuin & Nanna Verhoeff’s (2022) Critical Concepts for the Creative Humanities, see below how to download it!). Such concepts are put to work differently across the invited speakers’ various research projects. Come meet artistic research on soil and sustainability; museum ecologies and heritage research on past and future waste sites of the present Antropocene; imaginative teacher education with art, science and tiny, tiny critters, as well as other forms of blue/ environmental/ feminist/ more-than-human and creative humanities.

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